Polished Floor Repairs and Restoration

Polished Floor Repairs and Restoration

Are your timber floors damaged? Scratches, water marks and damaged boards make wooden floors look tired and old.

You don’t need to replace your entire floor or cover it with carpet and rugs. Polished floor repairs and restoration is all you need. We are experts at restoring old or damaged timber floors.

Our team of professionals have 30 years of experience in fixing up worn out timber floors so they look like new again. You’ll be amazed by how much better your home looks with a beautifully polished floor that’s been restored from years of damage or wear and tear.

Living Floors offers a free consultation service to help you understand your options better and choose the right solution for your specific situation. We’ll even come in and give you a quote on how much we think it will cost before starting any polished floor repairs or restoration work so that you’re all clear about what the process is and how much it will cost.

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Don’t spend another year looking at tired, worn out floors!

We can fix your timber floors, restore your old floors to new life and back to their original condition. It’s amazing how a restored floor makes a home feel like it is new again.

Read our care guide on how to protect your flooring from scratches, scuffs and damage.

If you would like us to contact you about your repairing and restoring your timber floor – complete the contact request form on this page. We will call you back at your preferred time.

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