Timber Deck Repairs and Restoration

Living in Tropical Queensland means we get to enjoy the delights of outdoor living, and having natural timber decking is a bonus in any home or venue – not to mention an outstanding design feature.

With proper maintenance, your timber deck will withstand all that our climate and foot traffic will throw at it.

Living Floors recommends that in most cases a professional re-sand and coat, using the most effective products, is the best way to restore and protect your timber deck. It’s usually a straightforward process that does not require you to move out, and is ready to walk on soon after completion.

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How to tell your timber deck needs restoring.

For the most part, timber decking issues are superficial and not structural.

The most common problems are caused mainly by intense sunlight and heavy foot traffic. You’ll know your deck needs attention when you see:

  • Bare patches – particularly in high traffic areas where previous coats have worn down.
  • Cupping – caused by breakdown of previous coats.
  • Nails or boards lifting.
  • Wood fading and discolouration – general wear and tear.

At Living Floors our highly skilled trade specialists have an eye for detail and can advise you on the best treatment for your timber deck, no matter what condition it is in. Once restored, outdoor decking is very easy to maintain.

Embrace the outdoor lifestyle with a well-maintained outdoor area.

Once professionally sanded and coated, newly restored outdoor deck or
verandah is easy to maintain and requires minimal effort. Protecting your
decking boards is the key to ensuring its longevity and integrity.

See our Resource page on how to best protect timber decking.

At Living Floors we have built our reputation on exceptional service and a great finish on timber floors.

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