Timber Deck Repairs and Restoration

Timber Deck Repairs and Restoration

Your outdoor entertaining area is not only an extension of your home but can capture the ambience of nature and provide the space to relax with family and friends.

With a little care and regular maintenance, you can keep your timber decking in optimal condition for many years.

Over time, your decking’s wood will show signs of normal wear and be in need of attention.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Bare patches – particularly in high traffic areas where previous coats have worn down.
  • Cupping – caused by breakdown of previous coats.
  • Nails or boards lifting.
  • Wood fading and discolouration – general wear and tear.

Living Floors can restore your  timber deck

Having a regular re-sand and coat is the most effective way to maintain your deck long term. When done professionally it is usually a quick process with minimal impact to your daily living – in other words, you won’t need to move out. In most cases a newly restored deck can be walked on within a day or two of completion.

At Living Floors our highly skilled trade specialists have an eye for detail and can recommend the best treatment for you. Our advice is correct and concise, and our quotes are reliable.

timber deck repairs

Having a well-maintained outdoor area is a great way to embrace our outdoor lifestyle.

Apart from regular professional maintenance, looking after your outdoor decking is easy and requires minimal effort.

Read our guide on how to best protect your timber decking.

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