Timber Decking Restoration

Relaxing outdoor living that is easy to maintain.

Living in Tropical Queensland means we get to enjoy the delights of outdoor living, and natural timber decking is a bonus in any home – not to mention an obvious design feature.

It does mean however that our harsh climate, combined with hours of outdoor entertaining can, over time, increase the wear and tear on your outdoor decking.

How to tell your timber deck needs restoring.

For the most part, timber decking issues are superficial and not structural.

The most common problems are caused mainly by intense sunlight and heavy foot traffic. You’ll know your deck needs attention when you see:

  • Bare patches – particularly in high traffic areas where previous coats have worn down.
  • Cupping – caused by breakdown of previous coats.
  • Nails or boards lifting.
  • Wood fading and discolouration – general wear and tear.

Living Floors recommends that in most cases a professional re-sand and coat, using the most effective products, is the best way to restore and protect your timber deck. It’s usually a straightforward process that does not require you to move out, and is ready to walk on soon after completion.

How to maintain your timber deck.

Once restored, your timber deck requires minimal maintenance, and following these handy tips will add years to the life of your outdoor area, plus prevent expensive repairs down the track. Here’s what we advise:

  • Lift furniture – never drag.
  • A regular sweep to keep it clean.
  • Get loose boards and nails fixed as soon as you notice them.
  • Seek a professional sand and re-coat at the first sign of wear and tear.

At Living Floors our highly skilled trade specialists have an eye for detail and can advise you on the best treatment for your timber deck, no matter what condition it is in.

How to tell when your deck or separate boards need replacing.

There are 2 obvious signs that will alert you to having your timber deck checked for its safety and integrity.

  • Firstly, the decking boards will bounce when you walk on them.
  • And secondly, you will notice the joists and posts are rotting.

These are serious safety concerns that only a licensed carpenter or builder can address, so don’t let it go into disrepair!

Brisbane Timber Deck Restoration.

Outdoor entertaining areas have fast become a showpiece in many Brisbane homes and in most cases are an extension of the main living rooms. We have been restoring timber decks in homes and venues around Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Logan and The Gold and Sunshine Coasts for over 30 years.

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